Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Follow me now on Twitter @freenateybanez, we MUST band together to get the word out on Nate's situation and others like him!  #JLWOP #clemencynow #pendulumfoundation

This can and should be a worldwide effort, as other countries and people have similar situations with their young loved ones wrongly incarcerated.  I want to hear YOUR stories & follow you on Twitter as well; it's time to stop remaining silent, take a moment or two of your day or week to DO something, actually get involved.  It truly is not a sacrifice to give a little of your time and voice to this cause - Nate and other abused youth are rotting away and they are running out of time.  Nate has been in prison now for 15 years, 15 YEARS PEOPLE.  Others, like Jacob Ind,  longer than that.

So get others to "LIKE" Nate's Facebook page that I have setup for him, and get to Twittering!  We have to generate buzz, chatter, clout, strength in numbers, whatever we can.  Sign those juvenile justice petitions,   inform your state representatives that this is an issue that needs to be addressed NOW, send an email to President Obama, whatever you can think of.